Saturday, June 16, 2012


On June 2, Patti Abbott threw a Drabble challenge over at her blog Pattinase. "A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words," she tells us. June 16 is the day of submission of entries, loosely based on any one of the three snapshots provided by her here. This is my drabble based on the picture of the gent who, I presume, is on a treasure hunt. I hope it totals up to a hundred words. 

While we are drabble rousing, don't forget to check out Rob Kitchin's inventive Drabbles at his blog The View from the Blue House.

The deadly treasure hunt 

Draco Buzz looked at the map and thought, “Yup, I’m close to the treasure. I can almost smell it.”

He had left his glasses near the kitchen sink at home. He peered at the X’s and O’s on the map through his binoculars.

He walked a little ahead, stumbled over a jutting rock, and fell head first into a clump of brush. As he raised himself, painfully, he heard the jingle of coins. He looked down under his belly and cried in jubilation, “Yay! I found it!!”

Then he saw the feet sticking out of the ground, the toes missing.

And this one below is on me…

The corpse in the O.T.

Inspector Harindranath Hattangadi, CID, Bombay Police, got his first homicide case on his thirtieth birthday. He entered the O.T., saw the bloody mutilated body and vomited on the surgeon.

"I...I...I'm so sorry," he spluttered. I didn't mean to do that."

"Never seen a dead body before, eh."

Harindranath thought of his neighbour’s dead cat.

“Who found the body?” he peered at the corpse. The face was missing.

“I did.”


“An hour ago.”

“Any idea who did it.”


Something in the doctor’s voice made Harindranath turn around. The surgeon was moving towards him, a bloodied scalpel in his hand.


  1. Yikes, very nice if nasty, Prashant. Thanks for doing them.

  2. Thanks, Patti. I enjoyed doing them. I'm waiting to read the drabbles by fellow bloggers over at your blog.

  3. Two for the price of one and both of them a treat!

  4. Charles, I appreciate that. Just when you think nothing's coming in, it all pours out. It's good fun, I agree.

  5. Katherine, thanks very much. I didn't know Dribbles (50 words) and Drabbles (100 words) could be such fun.

  6. Both are tasty bits of crime fiction, Prashant! Wonderful!

  7. Sandra, thank you very much. I tried to think of a topic other than crime-fiction — it didn't happen.

  8. Those are great fun dribbles and drabbles, especially loved the second one. Nasty and fun!

  9. Thanks, Preshant.

    Yes, the second one is particularly twisty!

  10. Michel and Seana, thank you both for the appreciation. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  11. I did not know what a drabble was so thanks for the educational aspect of the post. Apart from the gruesomeness of the last drabble!!!!

  12. Mystica, I'm glad you liked it. I was trying to make it gruesomer!