Tuesday, April 25, 2017

On a blog break

I have not blogged for a month and nor have I visited other blogs in recent weeks. Unfortunately for me, that's going to continue for a few more days, probably until early May, as I rush to fulfil personal commitments and finish work-related assignments.

My review of Past Tense by my good friend Margot Kinberg is still pending and I owe her a big apology. The review will be the first thing I'll be posting on my return, though I hope I can do that much earlier. Joel Williams, the former police detective-turned-professor, is a likeable main character in this nice little mystery set on a campus. I enjoyed reading the book. It had a light and easy pace. You can read Margot's guest post about her new book and flash fiction by clicking on the above link.

Meanwhile, I remain active on Facebook and Twitter, as some of you may have noticed, but that's only because I mostly post while waiting for a bus or train or just before turning in for the night. That way I can at least follow what many of you are blogging about.

See you in May.