Saturday, May 11, 2013

Comic books on Mars

I haven’t done a Vintage Comics post since September 27, 2012, when I wrote about The Mighty Marvel Superheroes’ Cookbook (1977) and shared some of the favourite (junk-food) recipes of the world’s mightiest heroes. They not only love their burgers and submarines, combos and chowders, and pastas and steaks, they cook them too. The Hulkburger is a particularly mean looking burger.

This morning I read a news item about NASA’s ongoing mission to Mars, which hopes to send the first man to the red planet by 2037, when I decided to explore my collection of e-comics for any adventures on Mars. I found 14 e-comic books about the planet including Flash Gordon published under the erstwhile Indian imprint, Indrajal Comics.

I found all the e-comics at Archive, which deserves praise for showing consideration towards comics buffs like me. In gratitude, I have provided links to all the comics most of which are complete. The list is in no particular order. Happy reading, downloading, and reading!

Buster Brown Goes to Mars 

Publisher: Western Publishing 
Year: Early 1958 

Mystery in Space: Cowboy on Mars 

Publisher: DC Comics 
Year: February-March 1952 

John Carter of Mars #36

Publisher: The Funnies 
Year: October 1938 

Mystery in Space: The Martian Horse

Publisher: DC Comics 
Year: August-September 1952 

Wonder Woman: Mystery of the Rhyming Riddle 

Publisher: DC Comics 
Year: March-April 1949 

Lars of Mars

Publisher: Ziff-Davis Comic #10 
Year: April-May 1951 

The Face on Mars

Publisher: Harvey Comics 
Year: September 1958 

John Carter of Mars #375

Publisher: Dell 
Year: 1952 

The Planetary Adventures of Flint Baker

Publisher: Planet Comics #1 
Year: January 1940 

The Martian from Gotham City 

Publisher: DC Comics 
Year: June 1960 

First Earthman on Mars

Publisher: Fiction House Comics 
Year: July 1944 

Lost in Space

Publisher: EC Comics 
Year: March/April 1955 

Flash Gordon: Trapped on Mars 

Publisher: Indrajal Comics (India) 
Year: November 1973 

Gulliver Jones: Warrior of Mars

Publisher: Marvel Comics 
Year: 1971 


  1. Prashant, some of these are very interesting. Comics sure have changed in the intervening years, haven't they?

    1. Tracy, comics have made a 180-degree turn since the early 1990s. I don't like the modern-day comics with their glossy covers and pages, superheroes with long hairs and ponytails, and stories that run in several parts across weeks.

  2. Oh for those lovely Inderjal comics.

    1. Neer, I'm holding on to my modest collection of Indrajals. However, I find that many people have put up their lot(s) for sale on the internet but with ridiculous price tags. Gold would be cheaper.

  3. Oh wow, so cool. I've got a couple of the John Carter ones but would to have all these!

    1. Charles, these comics were an amazing discovery. I'm trying to build up a collection of all kinds of early e-comic books. They're not the same as reading actual comics but, nonetheless, the second best thing to happen to comic-book fans.

  4. David Bowie apparently missed all these. Great collection.

  5. Thanks very much, Ron. I've been having a good time reading them though it'd be nice to hold a few of them in hand.