Thursday, January 05, 2012

Laughing with Laurel

"Well, I couldn't help it, I was dreaming I was awake,
then I woke up and found myself asleep!"

Some lines are meant to be delivered only by some actors. Like this classic line Stan Laurel utters in the 1934 short film Oliver The Eighth directed by Lloyd French and produced by Hal Roach. I can't think of anyone other than Laurel saying it. It's not just funny, it's uproariously funny. Psychologists should prescribe a liberal dose of Laurel and Hardy films instead of antidepressants. It will do wonders for mental health.

Photo: MGM


  1. Never watched a lot of Laurel and Hardy. maybe now that i'm older I'd appreciate them.

  2. Charles, I grew up with Laurel and Hardy and haven't stopped watching them since. Together, they're great fun, pure and innocent.