Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Key in the ignition

I hope to resume my blog posts Friday, August 1, most likely with a review for Forgotten Books at Patti Abbott's blog Pattinase, which Todd Mason of Sweet Freedom will host again this week. I'm also looking forward to posting a review of a legal thriller I just finished reading. It was a cracker of a novel. I'm glad it was just a fictional story. In the meantime, my visits to other blogs will continue.


  1. Interested to see what the legal thriller is.

    1. Col, you'll have to wait until this weekend. It has revived my interest in legal thrillers. This one is quite new. I have been up to my chin with work, rain, commute, heavy rain, a spiritual pamphlet I edit, and very heavy rain.

  2. Replies
    1. Charles, viral fever, malaria, and dengue are common during this season. Sadly, they take lives too. This week the city is on a red alert for heavy rains, high tides, and squall. You ought to see the way people commute to and from work—nothing can keep them home.