Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Playing Fulliautomatix

Jeff Bridges, Nick Nolte or Josh Brolin?
Copyright: Hodder Dargaud

If you have plenty of time on your hands (as I do) and you are wondering how best to while it away (as I know how to), here's an idea: pick any comic-book character (not necessarily your favourite) and find out which actor is best suited for the role, in appearance. It's a harmless task really, but good fun. 

The other day I was reading an Asterix comic when Fulliautomatix, the village smith, entered the scene and promptly got into fisticuffs with Unhygienix, the village fishmonger. It got me thinking. If I made an Asterix film, who would be my Automatix choice to play Fulliautomatix? It would either be Jeff Bridges (below), Nick Nolte (below Jeff) or Josh Brolin (below Nick). Take a look.

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