Wednesday, January 05, 2011

India to host first comics convention
A costumed Iron-Man shows off at Comic-Con 2009 in USA.

Comic book readers and collectors in India will be delighted to know that the country will host its first comics convention this year. The debut event is proposed to be held in Dilli Haat—the Indian crafts and food bazaar located in the heart of Delhi—on February 19 & 20. It aims to facilitate direct interaction between readers and writers for creating new projects in the comics industry, says a Press Trust of India report.

"We want the people to meet and connect with the writers and publishers in our comics industry and explore the current trends," Jatin Verma, who is organising the event, tells PTI. "There is a lot of potential in this industry which needs to be tapped. It is an effort to celebrate our love for comics and give a boost to the industry."

Well-known publishers of comics like Diamond, Vimanika, Level 10, Raj and Amar Chitra Katha are expected to be a part of the event.

"It will be an opportunity for publishers to sample the growing popularity of comic books and graphic arts in India, and reach out to diehard comics enthusiasts," PTI quotes Verma.

The annual convention will have a book fair that will feature the biggest comics and graphics publishers from around the world as well as workshops for budding comic book writers and artists. It hopes to attract producers of animation films and teleserials based on the Indian comic book heroes.

"There are many Hollywood films on international comics heroes like Spiderman and Superman. We want producers to take note of the likes of Naagraj and Doga, and come out with movies and serials on them," Verma tells PTI.

The convention aims to nurture new talent in comics writing. As Verma adds, "The backbone of any great comic is the story and it comes from creative individuals. This place will be a chance for the writers to showcase their work to the world."

The inspiration for India's first comics convention, no doubt, comes from the world-renowned comics convention held annually in San Diego, California, USA. This year San Diego is hosting its 41st convention, known as Comic-Con 2011, over four days from July 21 to 24 (visit It's not easy to get in but once in you don't want out.

Let's hope that's the case with India's Comic-Con too.

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