Wednesday, June 01, 2022

5 things you can do to beat writer's block

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The India-based Reputation Today, a widely-read print magazine and website on the public relations and communications sector, has published my article titled Five things you can do to beat writer’s block.

This is my second piece for Reputation Today which caters to PR and communications professionals. The first one The bull's eye of PR writing appeared in September 2021.

Here is an excerpt from my latest offering:

Writing is a bit like wearing clothes. Just as you have an awful dress day, you can have a bad writing day. It takes away your confidence and nearly ruins your day.
Imagine this scenario.

You wear clothes to work that don’t make you feel good about yourself. They’re either ill-fitting or you don’t like the combination. You can’t wait to go home and change. Sound familiar?

What’s worse, it happens on a day when things are going your way in the office — a promising lead, a great presentation, an appreciative client, boss on leave, an easy day at work, a party in the evening… And yet, something’s off. Oh yes, these clothes!

Now the writing equivalent.  

~ End of excerpt ~

If you liked it so far, I hope you'll click to read the rest.

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  1. Cool. Are you getting much feedback from the magazine appearance? Shall go check.