Monday, April 14, 2014

Reading Habits #8: 12 questions about blogs

1. What is your motivation for reading other blogs?
Me: I have two reasons: one, getting to know other likeminded bloggers (I have more blog friends than real friends), and two, a shared interest in books and films (I have learned a lot about both over the past few years). Although I haven't personally met any of my fellow-bloggers, I feel like I have known them for a long time. It has been a fruitful blog journey so far.

2. Do you visit other blogs out of a sense of obligation?
Me: Yes and no. I visit several blogs during the week, some more often than others depending on the content and time on my hand. First, I make it a point to visit those blogs whose owners visit mine, a sort of quid pro quo, as most things in life are. Then, I visit bloggers who don't usually hop over to mine; I like to read what they post though I may not leave a comment. Conversely, other bloggers whose blogs I don’t look up regularly visit mine, and I appreciate that. Finally, I visit random blogs that come up during “search” on the internet or in “comments” on other blogs. I visit these blogs on a one-off basis though I may “follow” them later.

3. Do you at times skip blogs that you frequent or follow?
Me: I do, sometimes because I genuinely forget and sometimes because of a serious lack of time. Besides, there are indefatigable bloggers who post faster than I can visit, read, comment, captcha, and exit the first time. I don't know how they do it and I say this with not a little envy. I find getting out of the bed in the morning easier than getting a post out of the way.

4. Do you read the entire post on other blogs or do you skim through and get the essence of it?
Me: I read the entire post from top to bottom even if my interest is waning, my coffee's getting cold, I'm missing a deadline or I'm running late for the 8.23 am train to work, and you know how important those last three things are.

5. Do you always leave a comment every time you visit another blog?
Me: Mostly I do and if I don't, it’s because I have nothing concrete to say. Sometimes I like a post very much but I genuinely don't know what to say. There have been times when I have left a comment and wondered later if I'd said too much or too little, too smart or too dumb, sounded too zealous or what.

6. Are you completely honest in your comments on other blogs?
Me: Almost always. But when I’m saying good things about a post, I’m not being polite, I actually mean it.

7. After reading a review of a book by a fellow-blogger, do you really mean it when you say that you're going to add it to your growing TBR pile?
Me: ‘I’m going to add it to my TBR pile’ is probably the most done-to-death line in blog comments. I mean it when I say it, but I never say when I’m going to read it. I make a mental note. Generally, on a scale of 1 to 10, my score is a poor two, maybe one and a half, which isn’t bad considering the sheer number of “new” authors and books I read about on other blogs every week. My intent is good.

8. Are you impressed or intimidated by what other bloggers post?
Me: I'm both impressed and intimidated. I'm impressed by the kind of books and films my fellow-bloggers review, not to mention the way they review them, and intimated by the superior knowledge and understanding they bring to those reviews.

9. What do you like reading most on other blogs?
Me: Let’s take books. I like reading about miscellaneous stuff, like a blogger’s or an author’s writing process or a visit to a vintage bookstore or new additions to the TBR pile or who is reading what, and then there are the reviews.

10. Do you speak the way you write on your blog?
Me: Not always, sometimes I blow up my writing. For instance, I may use certain words or terms that I'm never likely to use in a conversation. In my answer to Q3 I used the word "indefatigable;" in speech, I'd use the word "tireless," it's easier on the tongue. I take creative liberties.

11. Does your blog reflect the kind of person you are?
Me: Mostly, yes. For example, when I overreact or get carried away in my own posts or in my comments on other blogs, that’s me. I have a rather exaggerated disposition towards most things but as I have been saying all along, I mean it.

12. Are you proud of your blog and do you show off?
Me: I’m and I do. What do you think this post is all about!

All answers submitted by me in this post are true to the best of my knowledge and disbelief. What are your answers like?

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  1. I have never once questioned the veracity of your comments, Prashant. I return to your blog repeatedly because you have a unique voice and you share your ideas and opinions. Not everyone does. I have to say re #2 and #11 that there are a few blogs I have visited that I have never returned to because 1. I get zero sense of a personality of the writer or 2. the blog posts point out the obvious with little personal insight offered. As for #6: why wouldn't you be honest? It's interesting to me to encounter some commentors who never reveal anything about themselves and leave canned responses blandly written (Great review. Thanks for this!) day after day. They seem meaningless after a while. It's hard to believe someone who does nothing but repeat the same words in a fawning exclamatory manner.

  2. I read a lot of blogs every day. I don't inevitably read every word. If it's pretty standard stuff, not necessarilly. I also tend not to follow links to videos, since that usually takes up much more time than simply reading. I almost always comment when I visit. I think my blog shows me pretty exactly as I am.

  3. I enjoy your reading habits posts, Prashant. They are always thoughtful and thought provoking. I love reading other blog posts and I often feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with all of them. I will often find new interesting blogs but just don't have time to read all of them. I like John's comment on sharing ideas and opinions. That is harder for me to do and sometimes if I do, I feel like I overdid it.

  4. Prashant: I would echo almost all of your answers. I value the effort you put into your blog.

  5. Impressive Prashant - and I think I would have to agree with you on practically all of these in fact though I will admit to not being especially public about my own blog with a lot of my day-to-day friends and colleagues as I worry it might hijack what I write - in my mind at least it helps me keep it pure - thanks Prashant, very iilluminating!

  6. I have followed your blog for a long time. I enjoy your old movie reviews and we both live in tropical megacities. I follow blogs for long periods to learn the taste of the blogger. I mostly do read posts on books I have read or already am inclined to read. I post a comment when I can. I see nothing wrong with a nice post comment, especially to a blogger I know. My blog is lacking in personal content and nay give little sense of the person behind it. My focus is on books and short stories, not on me.

  7. Prashant,

    I enjoy visiting your blog and there are topics you discuss that compel me to comment more than others.

    To echo Bill, I appreciate the effort and insight you put into your blog. Like Tracy, I enjoy your reading habits posts. So keep up the good work.

  8. Food for thought Prashant. I suppose I'd like to think I inject some of my personality into my posts - mainly humour, hopefully enthusiasm, but perhaps I wouldn't be the best judge of that.
    Perhaps I'd be guilty of blandness on occasions when leaving comments for others, not always though. Some posts (not just here) capture my interest more than others.
    Ditto regarding some blogs, which would be more avoided from a content POV rather than sense of a lack of personality.

    Is blogging a vanity thing? who has the most views, the most comments, the most followers, is there a pecking order?

  9. I really enjoyed reading this, Prashant, and felt I learned more about you. I very much liked your witty and honest answers to the questions, and the whole post made me think about my own blogging and reading habits. Thanks, you brightened my day.

  10. I'm with John on saying what an unique voice you have Prashant, and how much you add to our blog discourse. You always manage to come up with something expected. I too mean it when I say I'm adding the book to my TBR list. I actually keep a hard copy list - a journal of book titles that I go back to again and again. I may never get around to certain books, but I always have the intention of doing so. Time flies though - you know how that goes. Sometimes real life will interfere. :) When I comment anywhere, I do my best to make it chatty. That's the kind of comment I like to receive as well. :)