Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Musings on a tired Tuesday

There are some things you don't forget. In my case there is a line someone said to me. Rather it was a question to which I had no answer. It has stayed with me.

I was in my late teens and on a trek to a mountain top 3,000 km (1,864 miles) above sea level. We were a big group and I was part of a small bunch of college friends and new acquaintances. The night before the long trek we halted at a desolate railway station and slept on the platforms. Some of us walked along the tracks, others sat huddled on the platform, talking and joking and laughing. It was winter and quite cold even by western India standards.

The conversation veered to sun signs and ego trips for that is what discussing sun signs are usually about. Linda Goodman was the unseen referee. We talked about each other’s sun signs, our good and rotten characteristics, and bragged about famous people born under our signs. A Gandhi here, an Einstein there, a Churchill above, a Hitler below.

One of the girls in the group wanted to know my sun sign.

“I’m a cusp,” I said.

“Between which two signs?”

“Libra and Scorpio,” I replied. “Bang in the middle.”

“What!” she said, and then came the unexpected question, “How do you manage?”

That took me by surprise. I didn’t know what to say.

Since then, I have always considered myself to be more Libra than Scorpio. I owe allegiance to the scales even though there is seldom any balance in my life. The signs are all there. Show me a menu with more than one dish on it and I’ll show you how not to make up your mind. Suggest a dozen lovely places to visit and I’ll come right back at you with, “So where do we go?” Point me in the right direction at an intersection and I’ll scratch my head and look the other way. Watch me make a decision to write a book and then watch me dream about winning the Booker already. And that’s just tipping the scales. For a Libra-Scorpio cusp, I manage quite well. I do, don’t I?

What was the wisest, weirdest or wackiest question you were asked?


  1. That is interesting and entertaining, Prashant. I am a Scorpio and my husband is a Libra. I am the one who has a hard time deciding. Especially with menus at restaurants. Can't remember any weird, wacky questions though.

  2. I'm a Libra but I don;t really think that it's played a significant part in my life - on the other hand, I did end up studying to be a lawyer!

  3. I'm another Scorpio. I have trouble with menus, too, and usually ask the waiter to help me decide. My wife (also a Scorpio) thinks I'm nuts, but somehow it always works for me.

    I recall long youthful talks into the night, during which there must have been plenty of off-the-wall questions. Among the few I recall right now, I think the most unexpected was "What would you do if someone you loved was unfaithful to you?"

  4. I was with a friend in a restaurant once, and we were dithering over the various lovely choices. We turned over the page and there was 'Option for Librans - a platter with a bit of everything'. We both laughed as we were both Librans, and both hopeless at choosing...

  5. Scorpio here - but I don't pay any attention to horoscopes and the stars.
    Question.....well Mr Keane - how do you plead?
    Haha only joking

  6. Lana and I are both libras. You should see us having trouble making up our minds at a new restaurant. At least at a restaurant we eat at commonly I just get the same thing every time..

  7. Seems like all the commenters here are Libra or Scorpio (I'm the latter). One question I remember well and still wonder about as I change and grow older is "Who would you cast to play you in a fiim of your life story?"